Friday, August 27, 2021

Gaunt's Ghosts

The new set of Gaunt's Ghosts models that has just been released is probably one of the best sculpts for Imperial Guards to date. Not only are the poses are more dynamic and assembly is more sophisticated but the facial expression of the models are bar none. Here's the completed works for my Gaunt's Ghosts HQ units.

Colonel Ibram Gaunt himself is probably the best looking commissar so far, along with (Severina Raine). I'd probably use him as my default commissar, even if I'm playing other regiments.

The most impressive model in the pack of 6 is probably Sergent Oan Mkoll, with the batman pose and optional heads. Here are some WIP models on how I painted him:

Here are the rest of the boys:

Up next, I'll be working to try to complete a whole regiment of Tanith the first, along with some friends from the lore. I'll start with kitbashing some other characters in the game to use as officers or sergeants.

Here's my first kitbash for Tona Criid

Base model is from 



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