Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Platoon and Veteran Squad

Here are 2 infantry platoon squad and 1 veteran team. Included this time also is the missile launcher. The veteran team is made from a mix sprue of catachan and cadian. there are a bit more of touch up here and there before i move to the next project.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Recruits!!

Alright men, line them up! Get your act together, ladies, you'll be lucky if you last more than 5 minutes out there and should be flattered if i even remember your face!!!

Ahem, ok, I'm in the progress of painting up the boys here which I'm sure will be used. Of course more will come once the new codex is released and I finalised on the FOC.

Here's some experimental batch painting, trying to maintain the quality of the first test model. Here's a challenge, try to identify him in the crowd...This lot took me abt 2 evenings to paint...
Its pretty much the same method I used as before, only quicker now as I'm more confident of the colors used and gettin familiar with the design of the models. Oh, and I'm really expanding or maximising the sprues on the heavy weapon team by using normal guardsmen on the heavy bolter here, I'm saving the kneeling models for the mortars as they look more natural...

Oh, and I've decided on the brown base edging, looks a bit better than before.
Thanks for viewing and comments are much appreciated!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crest Design

Here's a draft of some crest design which I'll paint on my troops soon, to tell apart squad/platoon members, roles and designation. I figure the red and white will stand out rather well on the green and desert yellow camo pattern. This is done using photoshop CS3.
I just finished primer 2 squads last night, can't wait to get started on the paint job!

More to come as I go along.