Thursday, May 21, 2009

Test Conversion and Colors for Praetorian Hawks

I got rather excited with the arrival of my Grav Chute yesterday and prompt me to test out some parts for some conversion, just to see how the grav chute may look like.

Here, I've used a cadian guard, a shotgun from Space Marine Scouts, the grav chute and some green stuff.The shape and design of the grav chute is more geometrical and I thought of elbow and knee pads moulded into similar shape to relate to the grav chute. I've also did a similar styling on the shoulder pads.

I had to be careful as not to overdo it and make sure that this is a conversion that I can do for the next 19 guardsmen as it should be simple enough to maintain its consistency and yet effective.For the colors, I've chosen a scheme similar to the Elysian Taros Campaign color scheme. These para-troopers are a separate division in my army called the Praetorian Hawks and will be distinctly different from the rest of the Byzantum Guards. At the moment, I plan to have 2 veteran squads of this in 2 valkyries. I think some variety of uniform would look interesting on the battlefield.


  1. Um... wow?


    What a fantastic miniature. The finished model looks seamless!

    The thought of doing 19 more would give me nightmares, however...

  2. Great work, a good conversion and a paint job to match. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. nice work! love the padded parts of the trousers, very well sculpted

  4. The greenstuff work is fantastic and seamless! I would have NO idea it was a conversion based on the finished pictures if you didn't show the WIP pics. Seriously, if you didn't show the WIP, I would call "bullshit" on you. That's how good it is.

  5. I really can't say anything in addition to what Master Darksol has already pointed out.

    The finished model just leaves me speechless!

  6. Very nice mate, the phrase ....

    "Coming to a Valkyrie near you!"

    comes to mind - lol

  7. Thanks guys, it was a joy to convert and paint him, I can't wait to do up the whole squad.

  8. Great model, great painschemes and great shades :P

  9. They look incredible, you have to post the rest of the squad!