Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Platoon and Veteran Squad

Here are 2 infantry platoon squad and 1 veteran team. Included this time also is the missile launcher. The veteran team is made from a mix sprue of catachan and cadian. there are a bit more of touch up here and there before i move to the next project.


  1. Fantastic, mate! A great scheme and it's really effectively themed overall.

    Nice to see a bit of skintone variety, too...

  2. Great job as usual... Nice skin tone and eye direction...

    Army men, not my thing...

  3. These look great. The catachan components don't look as bad as I would have expected them to, you pulled them off really well!

  4. Hey, thanks guys! I enjoyed painting them. Feel like keeping the momentum up now!

    I'm keen in converting some of my leftover sprues to a command squad in my next project to complete the platoon.

  5. well the idea of painting the polygonal camo scheme on the armour instead of the fatigue is extremely effective, this prevents the sh*tty effect that i call "flat squaddies", you know, plain green troopers aren't so attractive. like the 8th cadian ones. bleah.