Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crest Design

Here's a draft of some crest design which I'll paint on my troops soon, to tell apart squad/platoon members, roles and designation. I figure the red and white will stand out rather well on the green and desert yellow camo pattern. This is done using photoshop CS3.
I just finished primer 2 squads last night, can't wait to get started on the paint job!

More to come as I go along.


  1. A great idea - I wish I were so imaginitive/creative/technically capable...

  2. excellent stuff, some time ago i planned to do the same for my valhallans, i need some soviet style heraldry or at least a colour code to paint their berets/helmets... or their coat lapels (is it correct? i mean he final part of the coat sleeve). if you have any idea please email me, thanks man

  3. Lapels are the triangular bits that go down the chest from the collar; epaulettes are the shoulder rank decorations; cuffs are the bits at the bottom of sleeves where it meets the hands.

    If that's any help...