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The Beginning

Welcome to my new blog for my new IG army. I've not a single model painted yet but I did assembled a few while waiting for the new codex to appear. Here's some write up on fluffs to give my army some background, as basis for my new army list and design for this upcoming army.

Star System: Constantine Centuari,

Planet Name : Byzantum

Ruling City : Augustus Prime

Type: Colony, Governor Rule, Civilized World and Forge World

After the Horus Heresy, the Administratum realize that the galactic war has taken a heavy toll on the Imperium and would require new means and source to replenish all resources in order to rebuild itself. Many expeditions under the guises of trading ships were dispatch to various parts of the galaxy to avoid being intercepted by remnants of the Chaos forces. They are to seek out new planetary system for resources and expansion to reinforce the Imperium’s feeble grip on the galaxy.

Grand Admiral Constantine led one of these expeditions to the eastern fringe of the galaxy. Though he courageously led the expedition and faced many obstacles along the way, he never lived through to see his success. Lead Admiral Augustus took over the helm and discovered a star system with 3 habitable planets and rich in natural resources and each with a handful of moons to stage as defense ports and manufacturing planets. Augustus named the system after his predecessor, Constantine Centuari in honor of him.

The star system is a bi-star system, common throughout the galaxy with a dominant sun and a second dwarf star, which is dormant and contributes to the recession of the local planet star constellation. Along with it are 14 planets, which only 3 are similar in size and 2 holds life.

Astronomical and geological studies shows that the mass of 3 planets were once from one single planet and the collision with the dwarf star millions of years ago (due to the elliptical orbit of the dwarf star) shattered the planet. Over time its dust and remains formed 3 new smaller ones. It is also believed that this collision sparks the native life-form of the planets.

The three planets are called CA-02, CA-04 and CA-05, named Commodome, Byzantum and Andrianum respectively.

CA-02, Commodome has the most natural minerals and resources within the star system. Deep valleys and high mountains and rich bio-fossil fuel indicates that it was once a life thriving planet but its seas has dried out and its atmosphere is thin, burned out by green house effect. It has a single moon, Rodenius, the perfect location to construct a defense post for planetary defenses as Commodore is planned to be an industrial powerhouse and soon to be one of the most important Forgeworld in the Imperium later.

CA-04, Byzantum is the most livable and wonderous planet with great bio-doversity and rich with life. The paradise-like planet inspired Lead Admiral Augustus to designated this planet to be their central of administration and the start of one of the most successful human colony after the Heresy. The capital, named after him, Augustus Prime would enjoy tremendous prosperity and growth as the centre of trade and administration for the sector.

CA-05, Andrainum is one of the harshest planet in the star system but able to sustain exotic and extraordinary life form with its barely breathable atmosphere. It only turn on its axis once in a full year cycle, leaving one half the planet in winter while the other in harsh heat. However, this planet is equally important as it somehow has a unique unlimited source of energy emitting from its geological features, allowing selected and unique hi risk industrial complex to be constructed and commissioned almost immediately, with the lack of any external source of hi risk energy like nuclear or fusion reactors.


In the early era of the colonization, Constantine Centuari has enjoyed unprecedented growth and prosperity. This has led Byzantum to develop as a Civilized World and while keeping Commodome as a Forge World.

During the early era, the colony maintains the military rule, directly inherited from the Navy led expedition organization structure. As the population grows and the society gets more sophisticated, a local government was formed led, by a Governor with the usual overtone and worship to the God Emperor.

Byzantum has grown into one of the most spectacular colony and Augustus Prime has developed into one of the most spectacular cities in the Imperium of Man.

The arts and architecture of Augustus Prime and in large parts of Byzantum has the strong resemblance to the Classical Byzantine/Ottoman Architecture, bearing a distinctive difference from the Gothic like image in most parts of the Imperium. The technology and advancements in structure and built environment design was demonstrated in its elegance and beauty. One tends to forget the darkness, chaos and troubles in the Imperium when stepped into one of the many mesmerizing and hauntingly beautiful chapels dedicated to worship the God Emperor

The many centuries of trades and success of this colony has benefited the people of Byzantum in many ways. They have enjoyed good lifestyle through many generations and accumulation of wealth has created classes amongst them. Noble families are well known and often to be chosen for many administrative purposes. Even the middle class are well taken care to ensure a healthy growth in the major workforce. The less fortunate whom are the minorities have occasionally received generous charity and various programs to elevate themselves from poverty.

The powerful industrial house of Commodome has grown to be one of the most successful Forgeworld in less than 300 years of operation. Adeptus Mechanicus has taken serious interest in the early stage of the industrial setup of this planet and has eventually taken over the administration from the Governor of Byzantum to turn it into a Forgeworld. However, the Governor still administrates the shipping route of resources and export of the products from the Forgeworld among the star system and to outer system shipping. As a young Forgeworld, Commodome has yet to come up with their own innovation or pattern of existing Imperium technology, they have however managed to duplicate the STC technology almost flawlessly and has improved/refined the manufacturing process technology to allow for greater production rate. Their advancement in production has also managed to produce more difficult technology like melta weapons and other hi-energy weapons. Over the centuries, Commodome has became a reliable source of military export, particularly of more advance weaponry.

M38: Dark Eldar invasion began progressively and slowly crippled the star system defense system. Ventruvius the Vile, a Dark Eldar Lord, whom has many years been eyeing on the peaceful colony, waiting for the time to strike as if the fruits are ripe for the reaping.
It started of with small skirmishes with the navy and random attacks on certain parts of the colony planets. These are actually key areas where constant attacks occured, some are decoys to force mobilize the Imperial Guards to distract them from defending the actual target. The Guards overconfidence in their fort and their seemingly impenetratable defenses seems to overlooked the repercussion of these small and insignificant attacks. Fallen for the deceiving tactics of the Dark Eldar, the Navy Defense System find themselves almost crippled.
Soon, the central government was forced to dissolve and a short-term marshal law was declared throughout the entire star system. The military has taken over the governor administration and many major cities were abandoned. However, Byzantum could somehow hold its ground though could never restore to its former glory. Smaller colonies are setup around Augustus Prime as population began to decentralize from a dense urban environment to avoid hi rate of casualty in the event of an alien invasion. This allows for greater flexibility in terms of response time and if all hope is lost, the use of weapon of mass destruction would eliminate the threat in a large scale.

A decorated officer, Arch General Maximillian Ackber soon began a revamp of the setup and tactics from a conventional Imperial Guard organization, which normally supported by armored company to smaller and more mobile strike forces which has a quicker response time to deal with the sudden Dark Eldar invasion over random location. He would incorporate drop troops from fly-by Valkyrie transports to drop troops into the trouble areas and hold off the attacks while waiting for heavier support to arrive to the scene. The success of these drop troops are well known and soon given a division of their own known as the Praetorian Hawks. Led mostly by recruits form the noble background, these are proud and fearless soldiers, ready to drop into the unknown and some actually would live to tell the story of the horror they faced.
This tactic has proved to be effective in dealing with the constant Dark Eldar threat and soon, after many years of painful defensive wars against the torturers, Constantine Centuari managed to regain some form of order within the star system. Soon afterwards, The Praetorian Hawks would venture into nearby system and ready to answer the call of the Imperium to ensure the dominance of Man in the galaxy.

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